T-1 hour before take off

Well, there is no going back now. I have reached the point of no return, sitting at the gate all by myself, waiting for the plane to open its doors for me to enter...

I don't know if I'm excited or scared, happy or sad, brave or scared, but I guess I'll find out in about 16 hours when having landed on a foreign continent in a foreign country in a foreign city: Tokyo. Maybe it's a good thing I booked this trip months ago because that was too early to be scared of it. But also too early too be excited for it and to plan it because I didn't want to plan it. However, that's not really possible in today's world. I didn't want to make plans for Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I wanted to decide spontaneously, but you cannot enter a country without having proof of when you're leaving it. I guess I'll see how that goes.


Update on the drone: I didn't take it because drone regulations have become more strict, I'm in cities a lot, I'm too young and it's too heavy. Maybe I'll find drone friends who will borrow me some footage. :)


Yet, it feels surreal. It was months, weeks, days until leaving and now it's happening, in this very moment. The last three months were probably the least exciting three months in my life. Since the Abiball I basically didn't do anything. I went from 100 to 0 in one day and as you know, doing nothing isn't really my thing. I applied for a job which I didn't get because I'm only 10% and not 5% (or in this case 1%), I went on our yearly family vacation, worked worked worked and watched a whole lot of Netflix shows. So the next three months are literally going to be the opposite of that. Whilst the past three months were nothing, the next three months will be everything. Not EVERYTHING, but like everything. Now is the time that I soon will tell stories about and think back of as memories. So yeah, I guess it's time to leave.

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