Historic Tokyo & Laundry struggles

Shinobazunoike Bentendo Temple
Shinobazunoike Bentendo Temple

Tokyo is soooo big. Today I went to the older parts of the city Ueno and Asakusa. In Uneo there is a big park with many shrines and temples which were all quite old and quite impressive. The thing before the temples also smells very nice. I walked around the park and afterwards to Yanaka Cemetery Park with all the Buddhist graves which are very beautiful as well. Then I watched the trains for a while and walked back to the train station where I got amnitsu a typical Japanese dish. It was... interesting...I took a train to asasuka where I went to the 8th floor of a building because it didn't cost anything and was at least from somewhat above. You might wonder why I would mentioned a toilet in this blog post, but let me tell you, Japanese toilets are something else. They have heated seats, music playing so you don't hear your stall neighbor, and other functions lmao.  Whilst I do appreciate the heated seat (even if it sounds gross when you haven't been on one yet and the music, water coming from somewhere going somewhere is hella scary and I hate it. So after this wonderful event I went to a shopping alley with lots of lights and shrines, food and clothes, jewelery and souvenirs. At the end of the alley (the Nakamise Shopping Street) there was another gigantic Buddhist Temple which I took BEAUTIFUL photos of. I've got to say, I'm quite impressed by this little camera. I walked to a quarter next to it, which has lots of young people and Pachinko. After that I wanted to walk to the Skytree, but it was very far away and I decided it's more impressive from afar, so I took some long exposures and went to the Taiwanese vegan restaurant again haha. The highlight of the day was trying to do laundry though. On the wall it said 200¥ so I brought 2x 100¥ and some other coins. I threw my laundry in, detergent on it, put the coins inside. But it didn't start and I saw another sign which said 300¥ so I was like okay we can do that, but it only accepted freaking 100¥ coins! So I went to the lobby dressed in almost pyjamas and wanted to ask them to exchange my coins for that one. But the lady was on the phone for like 10 minutes straight, so I waited in the lobby and my laundry in the machine until she FINALLY hung up. After the laundry was done I was like: how do I dry this now? so I hung it on the walls of my little home and on my locker door, which was quite the backpacker experience, huh? Good night, I gotta get up at 6am to go to Nikko tomorrow.

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