Exploring some Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya Crossing

So today I explored Tokyo or should I rather say a tiny part of Tokyo? Although you might think that walking 20km should somewhat get you around... This city is not a city, it's a whole country. Tokyo is bigger than any city I've ever been to. Other cities have a "downtown" and a couple districts but even in New York you're pretty much in the suburbs after 20 minutes on the subway. In Tokyo it takes me up to 30-40 minutes to get from one part of the city to the other, from one quarter to the other. It's amazing. When I leave the train station I'm always curious to see what world will be waiting for me and at the same time I'm so impressed by how multifaceted Tokyo is. First I went south from my hostel, I got into a quarter of big companies and people in suits, yet there was a beautiful park and a view over the river. I then turned around and went to a High-Fashion-Shopping district (Ginza) which of the rich parts of New York, London, Frankfurt, ... there was also a HUGE intersection which I passed in every direction once, but little did I know that I was going to see a even bigger intersection later. After crossing it about five times and taking pictures of taxis and other vehicels every time the light was red, I went to see the Imperial Palace and it was mildly impressive. I was more impressed that I for the first time in Tokyo I saw big tourist groups. When I realized it was 16:30 already (sunset is very early here) I took a train to Shibuya got a soy milk frappuchino at Starbucks and watched Shibuya crossing from above because that's what all the travel guides recommened. It's a very big intersection and I there were A LOT of people crossing at once (I read something about 1500 at a time). I do believe that people cross it multiple times though because they are taking pictures and filming and all that stuff. Shibuya also looked a lot like Time Square and has many billboards and lights and especially people. I then walked around the streets and eventually went to Harajaku which also has a lot of stores and a small alley with all sorts of shops. This was quite fun and if I allowed myself to buy something already, I would've found nice things. Then I wanted to go to a park, but it was "closed today" :( I decided to go window shopping for a little while again but then it started to rain (not like rain, but like RAIN) which reminded me of something I forgot to pack: An umbrella or a rain cover for my dayback. I went back to Shibuya station and then to the Taiwanese vegan restaurant that I already went to yesterday because it's a) vegan b) delicious c) quick d) affordable e) close by. When I got to the hostel I looked through all the photos (there was a lot of them) and couldn't sleep so stayed up wayyy to long, but that's tommorow's Svea's problem lol.

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